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AMP total claims paid 1 January 2012 to December 2012

If the worst happens…

…we aim to help smooth the way forward

When you take out insurance, you hope the worst never happens. But the reality is that illness, injury and even death can happen to anyone at any time. At AMP, we take our claims philosophy seriously, so if the time does come to make a claim, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Our claims philosophy

Our service is fair, ethical and transparent. We have a duty to thoughtfully and reasonably assess each claim application based on the terms and conditions of the policy and the particular circumstances of the claimant.

Our claims process

We assess each claim fairly, based on medical and other relevant evidence, using consistent guidelines and procedures. Once we’ve been able to assess all necessary information, we promptly pay claims that meet the plan terms and conditions.

We understand that making a claim can be physically, emotionally and financially distressing. It is a time when you need us most.

With this in mind, we:

  • treat you with compassion and empathy
  • case manage each claim using best practice claims management techniques
  • maintain regular contact with you through the course of a claim, as appropriate, either by email, phone, letter or in person through an AMP representative
  • make sure claim matters are dealt with efficiently and promptly and in the utmost good faith.

One claim, one assessor

Our claims service is personal, responsive and flexible… and always on hand.

When a claim application is lodged, a claims assessor is appointed and is available by telephone and email. Updates on the assessment status and explanation of decisions will be provided by the claims assessor – so the person most familiar with the case delivers the important messages.

The proof is in the results

For over 160 years AMP has been a certain friend in uncertain times.

Our financial strength and stability have placed us in a firm position to meet claim payments when they arise.

In 2012, we paid more than $726.8 million in claims net of tax across our entire policy range – trauma, life, terminal illness, total and permanent disability and income insurance (including insurance
available through superannuation products).

We hope that in doing so we’ve made a difficult time that little bit easier for our customers.

It’s the most important thing we do.

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