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Hi and welcome to Anna’s kitchen!

We thought you might like a bit of a change from the world of finances. And what better way to relax than cooking and eating with family and friends!

I’m a dessert and food enthusiast with a passion to inspire readers to learn to truly love and embrace all the wonderful colours, smells, tastes, sight’s and celebration that food offers. My philosophy is, where possible, to seek the best and freshest produce. Make everything from scratch. Keep away from food preservatives, chemicals and additives as much as possible.

I’m pleased to say that my monthly posts will not be about the latest foodie diet trends. No low-fat, no dairy, no eggs, no wheat, no sugar, no butter, no oil…. no, no, no, not here. While I completely understand and acknowledge people with legitimate allergies and diseases, there is a growing trend of people that have developed a fear of food. I also believe we are what we eat so everything in moderation and let’s enjoy and savour every bite.

In my early 20’s I worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. Even though my experience was in the savoury area, my true passion has been desserts. So over the last few years I have been slowly growing and learning in the area of Patisserie.

My biggest influences have come from my humble Italian beginnings. I was blessed to have not just my mother but grandmother and great-grandmother around when growing up. They all had something that was special and only when they would make it, it would taste the best. Still now, my mum makes the BEST Tiramisu. None of my fancy desserts compare to my mother’s Tiramisu and when we ask her what she does that makes it so special, she always says “It’s the Love she puts in it”. This is the secret ingredient I hope you’ll all be able to share with your loved ones when preparing and sharing a meal together. Home baking and cooking is a rich and wonderful legacy to pass on to future generations as it brings family and friends together with memories of loved and treasured moments.

Finally, there is no such thing as a bad cook. I can assure you even the best Chef has burnt toast at one time or another. And what one person doesn’t like someone else will love. So I encourage you to never give up. Believe me your family will feel the love and love you back for it!

I look forward to sharing the food journey together.

Happy Cooking!